29th August 2018


Outward bound

Mind, body, soul. You are stronger than you think. Everyone holds inner strengths whether you know it or not. Many of us tend to underestimate our full potentials. Through many challenges, Outward Bound has taught me just this. Imagine waking up at 5:50am for a 6am warm up and 3km timed run to then jump into the sea and rinse yourself off in a cold communal shower all before having breakfast. Now imagine doing that for majority of 21 days. On the first few days of Outward bound, you will be welcomed by the instructors, presented to your 2 instructors, placed into your watch group made up of 13 others, introduced to your watch mates who you will become closer than expected to, had your first shared meal with your watchmates, and spent your first night sleeping in a room with 12 people you have never met before.  

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